What is a Funicular?

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I’ve never been in a limousine,
But I’ve sat on the back of a horse.
I’ve pedalled a trike and a two-wheeled bike,
with a bicycle bell, of course.

I’ve travelled by train there and back again
and sometimes transferred to a tram.
I’ve stood on a bus, such a terrible fuss,
In a terrible traffic jam.

I’ve soared in a plane on a visit to Spain,
Where I paddled a river canoe.
I’ve sailed in a boat and I’ve sat on a float,
And I’ve driven a car or two.

I’ve ridden balloons over murky lagoons,
I’ve scooted, I’ve skated, I’ve cruised.
But there is a new word that I recently heard,
A vehicle I’ve never used.

I’ve travelled the Earth from New Jersey to Perth,
So it’s clear that I love things vehicular.
I don’t mean to complain but will someone explain,


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