Not a Tiger, Please

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Good morning, postie, have you got a package just for me?I sent a letter to my gran who lives across the sea.I’ve been waiting for her answer, but she hasn’t written yet,I wrote last week to ask her, please, to send a little pet. A kitten or a hamster, or perhaps a little mouse,Anything much larger wouldn’t fit inside our house.I hope it’s not a tiger, that would make a giant mess,I’d have to ask to keep it and my mum would NOT say yes! Tell me, postie, please, because I can’t wait here all day,I’ll need to buy some pet food and some toys so we can play,And if it is a tiger, kindly leave it on the mat,I’ll send it back to granny and request a little cat. (c) Copyright Pamela Ueckerman (Pamela Jones) 2023. All rights reserved.

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