Not a tiger, please

Good morning, postie, have you got a package just for me?
I sent a letter to my gran who lives across the sea.
I’ve been waiting for her answer, but she hasn’t written yet,
I wrote last week to ask her, please, to send a little pet.

A kitten or a hamster, or perhaps a little mouse,
Anything much larger wouldn’t fit inside our house.
I hope it’s not a tiger, that would make a giant mess,
I’d have to ask to keep it and my mum would NOT say yes!

Tell me, postie, please, because I can’t wait here all day,
I’ll need to buy some pet food and some toys so we can play,
And if it is a tiger, kindly leave it on the mat,
I’ll send it back to granny and request a little cat.

(c) Copyright Pamela Ueckerman (Pamela Jones) 2023. All rights reserved.


I am glad that you are enjoying my poetry. You are welcome to print, copy, display and read this poem in the home or classroom with my full permission as long as I am given full attribution, my name is included with the poem and no money is charged. If you would like to reprint or publish my poem in an anthology, or other production that charges money, you will need my permission. If you would like to read my poetry aloud to a public audience, on YouTube, a podcast or any other general audience, you will need my permission. Please contact me via my contact page.

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