Reading Activity: Scavenger hunts (free downloads)

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My boys LOVE anything that involves treasure, maps and clues - they often draw their own fantasy maps, complete with sea monster, lava lakes and buried treasure.  I have to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for these things as well, so I find it a lot of fun to make up scavenger hunts for them.  When Mr Now-7 turned 5, the theme for his party was The Magic Faraway Tree (his favourite book at the time) and we had it in our garden, complete with a faraway tree (including a door and an owl up in the branches), and mushrooms to sit on.  I also made a scavenger hunt around the garden and it was a huge hit.  Since then, I've whipped up different hunts for my boys - some for lazy sunny afternoons in the garden, others for rainy days indoors.  They've changed over time,…

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