Poetry Anthology

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I am thrilled that my poem, The Cuttlefish, was selected for inclusion in this anthology published by Oxford University Press in August 2024. The Great Untamed: Stories to Share is part of the series Readerful Books for Sharing. The blurb reads:

Swim with cuttlefish, soar with an eagle, fly with swallows to the moon. Howl with a mother wolf and sit under thunderstorms in this naturally stunning collection of poems to share. This collection of varied poems has been carefully selected for teachers and children in Year 5. It features poems by Inua Ellams, Langston Hughes, Pamela Jones and Zaro Weil. This book is a Readerful Book for Sharing. It is for an adult to read aloud to children aged 9 to 10. Readerful is a reading library specially designed to motivate children to read more. The series offers contemporary, inclusive books for children from 4 to 11 years, including: Books for Sharing: picture books to be read aloud by an adult for inspiring reading sessions Independent Library: fiction, graphic texts, character mini-series and non-fiction for children to read independently Rise: fully decodable books for older struggling readers to read independently. How Readerful works: – Read aloud the Books for Sharing for magical reading sessions that motivate children to read more. – Then encourage children to choose a book to read by themselves, from Readerful’s Independent Library or from Rise. You’ll find links between the books’ topics, vocabulary, characters and authors – all designed to keep children reading, boost their vocabulary and develop their knowledge of the world around them.

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