I’m a Homeschooler

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I do maths in the morning while eating my toast
And history later (I love that the most)
I read five books a week (though it’s not nice to boast)
I’m a regular, normal homeschooler.

My lessons are finished by noon every day,
Then I go out or stay in the garden and play.
Later, there’s tennis, piano, ballet,
I’m an active, athletic homeschooler.

I visit museums when nobody’s there,
And chat with the staff who explain things with care,
I never have issues with what I should wear,
I’m a bookish and brainy homeschooler.

I converse with the neighbours, the plumber, the vet,
And have meetups (where somebody always gets wet),
I play Minecraft online with some friends that I’ve met,
I’m a savvy and social homeschooler.

My local librarian knows just what I like,
When I ride into town on my scooter or bike,
I even take books when we go on a hike,
I’m creative and clever and nobody’s cooler,
A free-thinking, free-wheeling, free-willed homeschooler.


I am glad that you are enjoying my poetry. You are welcome to print, copy, display and read this poem in the home or classroom with my full permission as long as I am given full attribution, my name is included with the poem and no money is charged. If you would like to reprint or publish my poem in an anthology, or other production that charges money, you will need my permission. If you would like to read my poetry aloud to a public audience, on YouTube, a podcast or any other general audience, you will need my permission. Please contact me via my contact page.