Where Do All the Lost Things Go?

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Where do all the lost things go, like pens and pegs and socks?
Remote controls and library books and keys for little locks?
Where do all the hair pins go? What about the glasses?
The paperclips? Elastic bands? The buttons and train passes?
Could it be that all those things are swept far out to sea?
And whale sharks trade them with their friends and charge a whopping fee?
Or maybe there’s a palace built by ants deep underground,
Each table, chair and throne is made from things the ants have found.
Or maybe, just perhaps, there lives a bird who likes such things,
And there you’ll find them tucked into a nest that’s fit for kings.


I am glad that you are enjoying my poetry. You are welcome to print, copy, display and read this poem in the home or classroom with my full permission as long as I am given full attribution, my name is included with the poem and no money is charged. If you would like to reprint or publish my poem in an anthology, or other production that charges money, you will need my permission. If you would like to read my poetry aloud to a public audience, on YouTube, a podcast or any other general audience, you will need my permission. Please contact me via my contact page.

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